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Laguna Light Work

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Welcome to Laguna Light Work,
I’m Paige. 

My work as an emotional intuitive offers clients an opportunity to connect deeply with themselves.  Together we gently uncover the fear based belief systems that, over time, have brought us all out of alignment with our highest truth.  I utilize Reiki, guided meditation and intuitive coaching to help clients restore their inner sense of integrity. 


My approach is gentle, grounded, and loving.  My goal is always to provide a space free from judgment where self-reflection and real growth can occur.

Meet Amelia

Initial Reiki Energy Healing

90+ minutes $250

Remote or In-Person Option

Session to include Guided Meditation, Reiki Healing, and Opportunity for Questions.

Intuitive Coaching

50 minutes 

$200 per individual session

$650 for four session package 

Remote or In-Person Option

Sessions may include Guided Meditations, Intuitive Coaching, Card Reading and/or Guided Journal Writing.

Why Naturopathy

Let's Work Together

Call, text, or email

Let's get something on the calendar. 

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