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- Initial Reiki Energy Healing - 

90 + minutes ... $250

Guided meditation and Reiki healing and opportunity for questions.

Remote or In-Person Options 


I ask clients to dress comfortably and to bring a journal.  When you arrive I will ask you to lay down, face up, on a massage table while I lead you in a guided meditation.  During this process, I will guide you to connect with the light and encourage you to feel the energy stored in your body.   Most clients surprise themselves and find this phase of the session to be deeply relaxing.  I encourage questions as my intention is for you to leave feeling capable of bring this practice home.  


From this rested place I begin an intuitive Reiki reading.  Using my hands, without touching you, I move chakra by chakra cleaning, balancing and listening to your energy.  Clients find this to be a deeply restorative process.  Most people experience a stillness and feeling of safety that they are rarely able to connect with.  


As I move from your crown chakra (head) to your root chakra (sit bones) I receive intuitive downloads relating to patterns or belief systems that are bringing you out of alignment.  As I work, I invite my clients into this process - sometimes I ask for clarity, sometimes I ask them to work with me to release stuck energy and sometimes I translate what I’m hearing to bring awareness.  


As I work, I take notes on the messages I receive.  These notes becomes our roadmap for future sessions, should you choose to continue working with me.


I end every initial session with quiet reflection and an opportunity for questions.

- Intuitive Coaching Sessions - 


50 minutes ... $200 per individual session or $650 for four session package 

Session may include guided meditations, intuitive coaching, card reading, and/or guided journal writing. 

Remote or In-Person Options


I offer clients a safe and loving space for them to better learn their truth.  Together, we move chakra by chakra to clear fear and shift belief systems that limit our power and potential.  This work can be transformational.   


My role in your journey is to hold space for you to process and grow.  Together we will travel into the shadows to uncover the false beliefs that pull you out of integrity.  I walk with you as your travel companion, to hold space for you and see you safely to the other side.  


I have worked with clients to release anxiety, anger, resentment, fear, and and watched them emerge on the other side, feeling cleaner and clearer.  This is a beautiful and far reaching process.  ( Please bring a journal. )


Let's Work Together

Give me a call or send me a text. 


Let's get something on the calendar. 

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