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- Testimonials -

Paige feels like a solid stable bridge, and when you talk to her you start taking the first steps across the bridge. On one side of the bridge is your daily life, with its strife and limitations (real and perceived) and on the other side is your truth. Paige isn’t an advice columnist, she simply offers you what you already have, but that we so often don’t see or know we possess. She offers you the space to be you, to accept your life in this moment and the next and the next and to feel deep connection to yourself and to whatever you believe to be your higher power.


- Genna, Delaware 


Paige has helped me face down a suffocating anxiety that for years stripped me of my ability to connect- not with others but with myself. If you are interested in deep and abiding peace, a love for yourself, accepting the world for exactly what it is, genuine connection with your spouse and children, and a path forward to the calm feeling that comes with feeling a sense of belonging I urge you to connect with Paige. She has an ability to meet you where you are, and to listen with love for your deepest humanity. She will hold you with a tenderness that you likely don’t hold for yourself, but she can show you how to grow it.


- Marie, Delaware 


Paige is a reiki master. It was my first experience of the practice. I went into my first session with an open mind, unwedded to a particular outcome. After one session the results were incredible. The depth of emotional healing I experienced in one session alone was life changing. Emotional baggage that I wasn’t even aware that I carried, but had been carrying for years, was lifted. I can’t see a time when I won’t work with Paige as my personal development and growth goes from strength to strength. I can’t recommend Paige more highly. I just wish that she could multiply to serve more people.


- Andrea, California 


Paige is a phenomenal healer!  My husband and I both had individual sessions with her and we couldn’t have been more impressed with her healing abilities.  Her intuitive downloads were specifically accurate.  She possesses the insight, expertise, awareness, and clarity of a truly gifted healer. I would suggest her services to anyone who is seeking more out of themselves, their relationships and their lives.


- Pam, Denver 

The results I have received with Paige’s guidance are immeasurable. I feel them in my head, my heart, and my body. Paige shows up fully to every session, offering a space filled with safety, warmth, and belonging. Her energy work combined with her intuitive downloads and insightful counseling has helped me breakdown fear based beliefs, clear past traumas, access blocked emotions (oh so many of those) and understand myself on a deeper level. If you are looking for a healer who will see and honor you as your unique self, who can shed light into your shadowy bits and provide personalized intuitive guidance, I highly recommend Paige. My experience with Paige has been transformative. And I will be forever grateful. 

- Tara, Maryland 

Working with Paige has been life-changing! She has helped me heal old wounds and approach new challenges with grace, peace, and confidence. One of the things I love most is she gives me concrete tools I can use to replace negative thought patterns that are not serving me with new ones that speak the truth. She has helped me become a better parent and better human. Or perhaps, she shined the light on the gifts that were always there but were hidden beneath anxiety, fear, and doubt. Her approach is gentle and kind, and her insight is profound. We talk about anxiety, parenting, grief, and vocation, but I would recommend her services to anyone struggling in any area of their life. I leave each session feeling inspired and grateful. Her gifts are many and her light is bright!

- Becky, Wisconsin

I can’t say enough about Paige. She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She helped me fight my monsters and get through some of my most difficult struggles with so much grace and empathy. After years of trying everything from traditional therapy to homeopathy, I have learned that I was unsuccessful in trying to tackle my issues because I felt suffocated while doing so. Working with Paige is like finding breathing room…there is a calmness and sense of safety that I didn’t think was possible to have when diving into difficult topics. I have to say, I was very skeptical and extremely guarded when we first started. Somehow her grounded and empathetic approach broke through all those barriers and I no longer felt the need to resist. It was as though she was on that journey with me, kicking down one wall at a time. As she helped clear more space for all the good, I felt like I could breathe again. I was lighter, happier and empowered. She is insightful and understanding and is able to break it down so I am not overwhelmed when it comes to incorporating some of these practices in my daily life. In the same way some of us are able to read the room, I like to think that Paige is extremely gifted in being able to connect and feel the energy in the room. So while I may not be able to relate and fully understand how it happens, I am ever so grateful for having her in my corner and appreciate all the guidance and support. She helps me let go of the fear, so there is room to explore what’s holding me back. Only then did I have a chance to truly move forward, to experience and enjoy what is. Thank you Paige for making me a better human! 

- Goli, California

Paige is a life saver and a life changer.  I have struggled with anxiety and depression much of my life, and have seen numerous psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. None of them have been able to provide me with as much insight as Paige. Working with Paige and using her techniques both during our sessions and independently on my own has changed my life. I feel more empowered and less anxious. She is the perfect combination of kind, nurturing support mixed with no-nonsense veracity. I am profoundly grateful. 

- Carmella, California


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